Where it all started. 

Cody Golf was born out of friendship and a love for the game. Reflecting on our youth and growing up in the 90's we thought the idea of bringing back a cover that had a retro sock and barrel like the ones we grew up with would be cool. So, we are doing just that. Bringing back a timeless and classic design with a bit of our own flavor. We didn't reinvent the wheel with our designs, we are simply bringing them back to life for new generations of golfers to enjoy. We believe that sometimes, it is better to be reminded than informed. Providing full coverage for your drivers and three woods (coming soon). Cover up with Cody Golf.

Why the name? Well, it's pretty simple. Combining the names of our two founders, Cole and Brody, hence the name Cody Golf Co. And let's be honest, Cody sounds much better than Brole or Crody.

Based in Utah, the Cody covers like Pine and Granite reflect our love of the mountains, the outdoors, and the beautiful golf that is played in our home state.